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THE NEXTDDS Student Ambassador Blogs

Outside the School

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 Being in dental school is hard work. Anyone who has gone through the process can tell you that. There are exams, both practical and clinical, as well as the pressure to enhance your hand skills while juggling stressful didactic courses. It is a wonder that most of us make it through all four years. As a fourth year dental student, I am allowed the luxury to look back on it all and dissect the entire experience. And I can honestly say there was a reason I was able to do as well as I did: I was involved in a variety of extracurricular events.  


These extracurricular events ranged from participating in student government to becoming a fraternity member. They also included organizing events for our school Student Awareness and Multicultural Enhancement group. It is through these interactions that I was able to get to know the student body. Dental students I have not been able to interact with in the classroom would introduce themselves during these events and I was able to form many friendships and strengthen older relationships as well.

My particular favorite event that I have been involved in is one thrown by the Student Aware. This event is called Multicultural Night and it is certainly one that is always looked forward to by the entire school. We set up booths that are run by different students who represent the large variety of culture in the dental school. There is food, music and beautiful traditional outfits on display. It is an evening that embraces the diversity our school has to offer and encourages everyone to learn more about this wonderful aspect of their institution.

Many of these organizations fostered a strong sense of comradery that I believe is essential to dental school life. Although the profession of a dentist can seem to be a solitary one, it is in fact one deeply rooted in teamwork. A dentist is only as good as his or her clinic, staff and coworkers. Although we use our two hands to help our community, we cannot succeed without the hard work and organization of those who work with us. I believe this ideal is first introduced to us as dental students. We are taught how to practice dentistry but we enhance these abilities by learning from our fellow students, interacting with faculty and staff, and participating in extracurricular events which encourage us to develop social and personal skills.