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THE NEXTDDS Student Ambassador Blogs

How to succeed in the clinic

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My first dental experience was truly scary. I saw the radiographs and quickly learned that I needed to do a simple composite restoration. However it seemed very daunting to me and when I saw the patient’s mouth I was even more scared. It was a point in my learning experience where I really wondered how dentists did this all day, how they overcame challenges and how they maintained their composure when things seemed tough. It was obvious that my difficulty was on a very small scale compared to what normally occurs in a dental office. Nevertheless it was something that stayed in my mind and helped me figure out something’s that can really help any student or clinician in a bind.

Success is not only something that every student or clinician should strive for, it is something that can be achieved. In a dental school setting, it is very common to see patients and to become overwhelmed quite quickly. Nevertheless it is important to be able to adapt and work hard to help those patients in the best way possible. In this blog post there will be two points that will be outlined for an awesome patient clinician experience. These patient experiences can and should be replicated as time goes on and on they are adapted and applied there will be a large patient satisfaction. These are simple principles and ones that can be applied immediately.

Preparation. It is very important to prepare for every patient that will walk in the door or under the schedule. Key items for preparation are radiographs and health history. If there are patients with severe allergies or other items of importance it becomes vital to pay close attention to those things as you review each patient in a normal daily procedure.  Without preparation it can become very easy to put yourself in a situation where there can be a compromised experience with the patient or even oneself.

A second point of interest is being calm. Where there is a procedure that has been planned out and prepared for, the actual event may be more daunting than thought out. This is where it becomes important to stay calm and to work through the procedure in a manner where you can provide a quality treatment and not get caught up in a rushed experience where procedures can become compromised. This has been some of the most important points that I have had in my short clinical experience so far.

When students or clinicians can prepare and remain calm under pressure or a daunting circumstance then excellence and success can arise. This is a tried and true principle that occurs daily in a clinical setting. Nevertheless one of the biggest challenges that students or clinicians have when seeing patients is becoming overwhelmed and not knowing what to do when the situation arises. But as soon as one can realize that preparation and calmness are key factors in treatment, one can then reach the point of success quicker.