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Happy Employees = A Successful Practice

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    I’m sure everyone has heard the saying, “Happy wife, happy life.” The same sort of saying could be applied to your practice. Although it may not have that catchy rhyme to it, “Happy employees, successful practice,” could be just as important and true. Without the happiness and contentment of your employees, running and maintaining a successful practice could be a challenge.


I worked in a pediatric practice for four years and was involved in almost all aspects of the office including assisting, scheduling, office work, sterilization, and billing. Each day was a constant whirlwind of crabby kids, unexpected treatment, and leaning on each person in the office to pick up extra duties and tasks. Being involved in an office from the employee side helped bring this concept to light. If my fellow coworkers and I hadn’t been happy, the foundation of the office would have crumbled. Through my experience, I have come up with three very simple steps to help you reach employee happiness.


1: Support and be confident in your employee’s decisions and performance

There is a reason we have interviews and trial periods for employees. It’s to make sure they are competent, hardworking, and worthy of a position in your practice. Once your employee has proven that they can complete the task at hand to your expectations, it is best not to constantly look over their shoulder and second guess them. This, of course, has its limitations and should not be followed when an employee hasn’t met these criteria. However, the constant pressure and doubting may make your employees feel inferior and incompetent, which is not an ingredient for a happy worker. Your employees will feel more important if they are able to perform their job without constant pressures from their boss. They will gain self-confidence and worth by knowing that their boss believes in them and supports the work they produce.


2: Be open to suggestions your employees may have regarding the office

Although you may own the office, and all decisions ultimately go through you, it is still important that your employees feel like they have a voice in the workplace. Open discussions between employees and owners may help everyone feel more fulfilled in their workplace. This also may open the door to more effective communication. Employees want to feel like they can voice concerns to their boss, and if you are constantly making decisions without any input from them, they may not feel comfortable communicating with you.


3: Make your employees feel appreciated

Finally, but most importantly, appreciate your employees and voice this appreciation whenever you can. We live in a society where people need to feel appreciated, and this can’t happen if they aren’t told once in awhile. Something as simple as a “thank you” can make a world of difference in an employee’s eyes, especially when they have gone above and beyond the call of duty. I think in most cases you will be amazed at how much harder employees will want to work if they see that someone has taken notice. Employee appreciation, I believe, is truly the golden key to success.


You cannot operate a practice without the hard work and dedication of your employees. And in order to keep your employees at your office, they must feel fulfilled and happy. I believe that if you start with these three key points, you will be well on your way to running a successful and happy workplace for all.