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     After 21,521 steps or 10.29 miles, my feet hurt and body ached, but spirits were high because we had treated over 500 children in one day. The annual Give Kids a Smile event had come to an end, but the memories will be cherished by all for a long time to come. For the last two years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on the student-run Give Kids a Smile committee at Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (ASDOH). Once a month all year long we meet to collaborate with administration, alumni, local universities, dental professionals, clinics, and businesses. Each meeting grows with importance and anticipation for the day we get to forget ourselves and work hard for underserved children.   


     With such a large operation, each class has different responsibilities on the day of the event. Whether they’re treating patients, assisting local volunteering dentists, leading operations and preparation, setting up supplies and entertainment tents, coordinating pre-dental volunteer efforts, escorting children from check-in to check-out, screening hundreds of children throughout the year, comforting anxious or nervous children, guiding busses/transportation, or even translating, every single student has a very specific and important role.   


      It’s incredible how much good can be accomplished when so many people are dedicated to work together for the same common goal: to give kids a smile. The Give Kids a Smile day means more than giving over $250,000 of dental services to underserved children. The event is more than a public health intervention or opportunity for students to treat hundreds of kids. That day is a culmination of an entire year’s worth of planning, preparation, and fundraising that ends with a reward far greater than the cost. Give Kids a Smile is the essence of dentistry; to use our gifts to change others’ lives and in turn change our own.   


     For most ASDOH students, administration, and local volunteers the Give Kids a Smile day started before 5:30 am. Entertainment tents needed to be set-up, supplies dispersed, breakfast provided, and operations ready to function at a high rate. Some of the games for postoperative children to play included: bowling, basketball, fishing, cooking, face-painting, dancing, and photos with Pixar legends and Disney princesses.  Operations within the dental school were intricate and well-organized enough to treat over 500 underserved children in just six hours.

      The energy of volunteers and children alike was tangible. Laughter from both parties could be heard throughout the day.  Healthy smiles were given to the kids, but lasting smiles were given to the volunteers. Anyone who helped even just one child smile has a memory worth more than any currency. While many volunteers dressed up as Superheroes, the real heroes were those that gave their time, their hands, and their hearts all year long to lift those children up for at least one very special day, and who helped flip their fear and pain into confidence and comfort.  Give Kids a Smile all started with one idea and Dr. Jeff Dalin’s desire to make a difference. What’s the next great idea?   


 What legacy will you leave behind in dentistry?  


 Tyler Hanks  

 DMD, MPH Candidate  

 ASDOH 2017  

 Social Entrepreneurship President