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THE NEXTDDS Student Ambassador Blogs

Marketing and Media Resources: Your Tools for Building a Successful Practice

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While we all hope that our clinical expertise will help us build our practice in the future, these skills alone may not be enough in today’s world. A dentist’s ability to efficiently and attractively market their self and their skills can make or break a dental practice. In attending CE courses on this material, I have come across a wealth of information and resources on easy ways to build a brand and spread a message throughout the community, without going broke in the process. While it may be easier to hire a marketing firm to do this work, it can be much less expensive and more authentic, let alone more fun, if you do it on your own. Below are 4 resources to use when looking to start or take over a practice and build your presence in the media and market of your community: 


1. fiverr.com 

Fiverr is a website that allows you to pay independent contractors for their work. They offer many services from logo design to radio voiceovers to website building, often for as inexpensive as $5. Bonus: many of the individuals will send you drafts and accept your comments before editing and sending you the final copy. 

2. wix.com  

Wix is a website builder and domain host that offers a variety of template designs that are incredibly easy to use. No longer are the days of hiring a computer engineer to type up a code for your website. You can add, remove, and change content as often as you like, or better yet, find an employee in your office that is talented at graphic design and have them update it with current information and news. 

3. Social media 

Often dentists shy away from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as they feel that these channels can be unprofessional or tacky. In reality, patients connect with what they see, and if you are present on these feeds and you post professional, educational, newsworthy things, your patients and community will connect with your business on a higher level. Keep posts to less than once per day but stay up to date. Also, don’t engage in negative dialogue over these channels. Address those that criticize you privately, and keep everything in the public eye upbeat and positive. 

4. Search Engine Optimization 

Perhaps one of the most important factors in public perception, besides your website itself, is your websites rank when you search for dentist on Google. SEO is a process you can utilize to ensure that your business reaches the top of the page and is the first that potential patients see when searching for a new dentist in their community. This process involves factors including Facebook likes, comments, and post, website keywords and updates, and backlinks to your website. As soon as you understand the concept of SEO, optimizing your online presence can be both easy and incredibly rewarding. 


    Remember, patients will not walk in your door if you don’t introduce yourself to the community. Use these tools to build your brand, back it up with your clinical acuity, and watch your practice flourish.